9 Things You Need to Know when Traveling in the Car with Your Dog

9 Things You Need to Know when Traveling in the Car with Your Dog

9 Things You Need to Know when Traveling in the Car with Your Dog

Whether it is Easter, May Day or Christmas, the British Bank Holiday is a wonderful opportunity to visit friends and family. Taking your dog with you on a long car journey can be easy if you plan ahead a little. Here are some essential tips to make your journey a breeze.


 1) Make sure your dog is restrained properly in the car. Use a seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or a dog guard for your boot. The highway code states that dogs are not allowed to be loose in the car.

2) Make a comfy area for your dog and include some toys to kill boredom (not the squeaky ones as this will be distracting while you are driving!)

3) Exercise your dog before they get in the car. They will be more content and less likely to become agitated if they have expended some energy. This will also give them a chance to do their business - an empty dog is what you need before a long journey!

4) If you can, avoid feeding just before you go. Feeding can cause travel sickness in some dogs.

5) Don't forget a large bottle of water and a bowl (collapsible ones are great for journeys).

6) Plan to stop about every 2 hours, this is good for the driver too. Your dog will need a break, a drink and the loo. Make sure they are on the lead before they jump out of the car as motorway car parks can be busy. If you can, take your dog for a game of fetch or ensure he gets a decent stretch of his legs.

7) Don't forget the poo bags, carrier bag and a pack of wipes for any emergency.

8) It may be tempting, but don't let your dog stick his head out of the car window (yes, we have all seen the funny photos!) BUT debris from the road can flick up into your dog's eyes so it is best not to.

9) Finally, check you have the dog lead. You would be surprised the amount of times we have done an entire car pack and forgotten the lead!