100% Wild Boar Treats

Exclusively For Dog Food Subscribers

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates! Just like you we are serious about feeding only the best food and treats to our dogs. That's why we put together a range of super tasty & healthy snacks, perfect for guilt-free rewards.

Our 100% Wild Boar Treats are naturally air dried and provide a sensationally delicious treat for your dog.  Wild boar has a strong, rich flavour reminiscent of the wild prey Grey Wolves would have hunted thousands of years ago.  Not only does it taste great it's healthy too.

  • no artificial preservatives
  • no artificial flavours
  • no artificial colours
  • no GM ingredients
  • no added salt 
  • no added sugar
  • easy to digest
  • high in iron
  • high in protein
  • rich in Niacin, Selenium, Zinc & Vitamin B
  • 100% natural 
  • 5 Pieces

Suitable for dogs over 3 months. Feed under supervision. Store in a cool, dry place.

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Wolfworthy For Puppies

We have made some small changes to our award winning recipe which means it is now suitable for Puppies, Adults & Seniors