Dry Dog Food with the Health Benefits of Raw and the Convenience of Kibble


I know because I’ve been there

I assumed the only way to feed my dog a great diet was to feed raw.  After months of continually sourcing, grinding, freezing, defrosting and disinfecting, my dog decided she did want to eat raw food after all.

I just wanted a dog food with similar health benefits to raw-feeding but was easy to store, feed and travel with. That was when I decided to make Wolfworthy, a dry food based on the whole prey natural diet that dogs evolved to eat.

Wolfworthy has now helped thousands of dog owners, just like you, to enjoy hassle-free healthy feeding; and is rated one of the Best British dry dog foods by allaboutdogfood.co.uk

Del Folkes, Founder of Wolfworthy


Wolfworthy is Rated one of the Best British Dry Foods

by AllAboutDogFood.co.uk


Feeding your dog a great diet doesn't have to be hassle

Don't continue to let raw dog food compete with ice-cream for freezer space, or try to keep 14 packs of raw food frozen on holiday, or miss out on doggy kisses because of bacterial transfer risk, or put up with your dog dragging raw meat across the carpet