We get it, you love the idea of feeding raw but hate the fuss, the mess and the hassle?

"I know because I’ve been there"

I assumed the only way to feed my dog a great diet was to feed raw. After months of continually sourcing, grinding, freezing, defrosting and disinfecting, my dog decided she didn't want to eat raw food after all.

I just wanted a dog food with similar health benefits to raw-feeding but was easy to store, feed and travel with. That was when I decided to make Wolfworthy, a dry food made with all the healthy ingredients you would expect in a raw food diet. A natural wholesome diet that dogs evolved to eat. Suitable for dogs of all ages - puppies, adults, seniors - and of all sizes, from miniature to giant breeds.

The Dry Food Alternative to Feeding Raw

Wolfworthy has now helped thousands of dog owners, just like you, and is rated one of the best British dry dog foods by allaboutdogfood.co.uk

Just follow our easy 3 step plan, and you too can enjoy hassle-free healthy feeding.

Del Folkes, Founder of Wolfworthy

Feed your dog Wolfworthy so you can relax knowing your dog is satisfied, healthy and well-cared for but without all the hassle

Rated one of the best British dry dog foods by allaboutdogfood.co.uk

What our customers say about us

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The only kibble my boy will eat

We tried raw, he wouldn’t eat it. We tried fresh, he wouldn’t eat it. We tried various kibble, he wouldn’t eat any off them. We tried Wolfworthy and he wolfed it down. 2 months later and he still loves it and I love that it is good for him. The best kibble to be had, I’m sure.

- Denise Jinks

Fantastic food and service!

After bringing my pup home from the breeder on another, cheaper, brand, I was worried as he wasn't interested in food, had dull eyes and didn't seem to have much energy. 3 weeks on Wolfworthy and it's like he's a different pup! He loves food - he does anything he can to get his hands on Wolfworthy!

- Lauren Stacy


We have given our cockapoo Wolfworthy for several months after initially being raw fed... We still wanted her to have the same benefits as being raw fed and as if by miracle we came across Wolfworthy. She now can't wait to eat her food, is a healthy weight again and her poops are always the same. The customer service is also 2nd to none.

- Chantal Corstorphine

3 easy steps to hassle-free healthy feeding

It costs only £1.07p per day to feed a 14kg dog Wolfworthy

Includes Free Shipping

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Feeding your dog a great diet doesn't have to be hassle

Don't continue to let raw dog food compete with ice-cream for freezer space, or try to keep 14 packs of raw food frozen on holiday, or miss out on doggy kisses because of bacterial transfer risk, or put up with your dog dragging raw meat across the carpet.

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Switch to Wolfworthy and relax knowing that you are feeding a fantastic healthy natural diet that is great for your dog, great for you and great for the environment

Wolfworthy: The Dry Alternative to Feeding Raw

We understand, you are a caring owner who wants to look after your dog in the best way possible and you realise that the food they eat is the cornerstone of a long, active and healthy life. That’s why you looked at raw feeding in the first place. However, then you discover the reality of raw feeding. It's expensive, messy, has bacterial risk, requires endlessly defrosting (on your kitchen countertop or front door step), and is a nightmare to travel with.

Can you have a food that has the health benefits of raw but with none of the hassle? Yes you can, it’s called Wolfworthy and it is the dry alternative to feeding raw. Based on the whole-prey diet of the Grey Wolf, Wolfworthy is made using the same natural ingredients you look for in a raw food diet. That means a high meat content, offal, fruit, vegetables and herbs. No grains, no peas, no beans, no lentils, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no artificial preservatives, no GM ingredients, no added sugar and no added salt. Wolfworthy is cooked at low temperatures, low enough to preserve nutrients but high enough to kill pathogens like Salmonella, Campylobacter and E. Coli. This is why Wolfworthy is the next best thing to raw and is rated one of the best British dry dog foods by allaboutdogfood.co.uk

Wolfworthy has all the benefits of a raw food diet, such as better skin & coat condition, smaller firmer poos, healthier weight, few allergies & intolerances, reduction in joint inflammation and stable energy levels; but without having to worry about freezer storage, long prep times, endless defrosting, bacterial risk, clean up or hassle when travelling. And there’s more. Wolfworthy is super delicious because it is mostly meat. It is suitable for dogs of all life stages - from energetic puppies to active adults and serene seniors - and equally suitable for all dog sizes, from dainty miniatures to majestic giants. Costs only £1.07p per day to feed a 14kg dog. Prices include free shipping and you get 10% off when you subscribe. It is delivered automatically to your door so you never run out. It comes in a compostable bag and is made in the UK.

Great for Your Dog ● Great for You ● Great for the Planet