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Wolfworthy 80/20
Heather Caddick
Its a 10 from me!

So far so good! My extremely fussy springer loves these and is looking great.
Fast delivery too!

Wolfworthy 80/20
Alex Mann
Excellent quality food

We spent almost a year on specialist (read expensive) gastrointestinal foods for our Labrador. He tried probably 20+ food types but all would cause an upset stomach etc. this is the first food we have had which doesn’t upset him.very happy to have found something he likes and most importantly his gut likes.

Faddy Dog

Truffles is the faddiest dog ever. I have tried all sorts; raw food, dried food, tins. She turns her nose up at everything. A friend recommended Wolfworthy so I bought a small bag to try it. The first meal she guzzled with gusto. I didn’t get my hopes up as she usually enjoys the first few tries of something new but she has been eating it for nearly 3 weeks now and has never left a single piece. It’s easy to give her exactly what she needs and she now comes to tell me when it’s tea time. Thank you.

Wolfworthy 80/20
jenniffer Miles
Wolf worth

My 10 year old jack Russel is doing fantastic on this and also my 1year old daschund both now eat the same food

Happy dog.

I’m so pleased with my dogs new food. He loves it and it’s an ideal size to use for reward based training. Taken out of his daily allowance of course. He seems much happier and his poop is much better. So I’m thrilled that I don’t have sloppy poop to deal with. Sorry, not the most pleasant topic, but an important one.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Amanda Mcnab
dogs love it 😍

fantastic product, dogs wolf it down every morning, i used raw beforehand but it was too much faff! only thing i miss is the 1 poop per day, with wolfworthy its bak to 2/3 times a day!

Wolfworthy 80/20
Barbara Goulding
Happy dog

Great service, my dog loves the food and it’s solved the problem.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Anne-Sophie M.
Excellent food

My dog loves Wolfworthy but then she loved everything! The recommended amount is very small, but I think I was more traumatised than her at the sight of her new food portion 🤣. I might try to increase it a bit as she is a bit thin. It smells appetising, sometimes it think it smell like dark chocolate.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Joanna Lyle

Excellent food for my dog, she loves it.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Sandra Bye
Worthy alternative to raw

A change in my circumstances meant that I no longer had a freezer to store the quantity of frozen raw food my dog had. I now mix a small amount of raw with Wolfworthy and my dog loves her meals.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Sue Callender
Love wolfworthy

On a recommendation of great nutrition for dogs I started my young puppy on wolfworthy at the age of 8 weeks. 11 months later she’s a healthy, strong pup with tiny poos. Would recommend this food for dogs.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Adena Rose
Happy puppy now

Our now 15 week old puppy arrived & had wet/runny poo. At first though it was the change & anxiety & separation from litter & mum. But she seemed happy in herself but had cramps tummy , flatulence & runny/wet poo. She’d been weaned in another high quality food but I Susie yes it was too high in carbs for her. So we made a gradual transition taking us to (75% Wolfworthy & 25% other) & she’s much happier now.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Anna Predecki
The best dog food

I hand feed my dogs which means they work for their food via training. It was very difficult to find a kibble which would be a high value for them. But this is! !!
They love it! It made my life so much easier as I don't have to buy any high value food and at the same time I know they will be healthy. I own GSD X AKITA and Belgian malinois so both need to eat well as they work every day. I used to buy Orijen but as its made in Germany its very expensive to buy here in UK. Wolfworthy is even better and cheaper too. So can't recommend enough. Great food! 👍

Wolfworthy 80/20
Kathryn Goetzinger
Great dog food

Well worthy of the price!
A simple comparison with most supermarket favourutes shows how much more good stuff is in this product, it's actually quite shocking!
My dog loves this food, she is healthier and her coat is shinier.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Darren Smith

Wolfworthy 80/20

Wolfworthy 80/20
Paula Chaplin

Absolutely fabulous food.
Rolo gets so excited at meal time.wouldn't change this.
So worth buying.
Coat has gone better since using.
Stools are a lot better too.
I find he digests this very well,he has not had his stomach problem since changing to wolfworthy.
Definitely a five star from rolo and myself

Wolfworthy 80/20
Corinne Singleton
V popular with my dogs

I use Wolfworthy as training reward since I feed a complete raw food and refuse to use kibble. It's convenient to have it on me at all times to teach and reinforce behaviours and reassures me that my dogs are getting good quality nutrition at the same time.

Brilliant food

This food is really good quality and my dogs seem to really like it.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Libby Davey
Super food

My dogs have raw in the mornings but Wolfworthy in the evening. I am thinking of changing to Wolfworthy for both meals as one of my dogs always gets very loose pooh because of the raw.

Great quality food

Changed my 10 month old Cockapoo to this food. She loves it and is far less hyper than she was.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Emma Goodger
The Best Dog Food

My dog absolutely adores Wolfworthy, she is now 14months old and we have been using this brand since she was around 8 months after trialing lots of others. She would either leave food, not eat at all, had loose poops and generally didn't seem to be enjoying her dinners. Once we changed to Wolfworthy, literally everything changed, she gets excited for meal times and has good poops - she is altogether a very happy pup.

Wolfworthy - great food

pup has transitioned well and can’t get enough of it :) very pleased and good quality dog food.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Sara Bayley
The best dog food ever!

I adore this. My puppy is obsessed with it sp we use it for a “high value” training food. And I know every piece is giving him the best nutrition. I’m a naturopath and so I see food as medicine and want my animals to be as healthy as my patients!

satisfied customer

After researching dog food with high quality ingredients I decided to try Wolfworthy. Wolfie's food is on repeat order which allows me to choose the right period of time between deliveries. The orders are always on time and Wolfie appears very happy and healthy as a result.

Wolfworthy 80/20
Paul Dale
Not so sloppy

The most important thing is that Soso clearly likes the Wolfworthy and the bonus is his poos are easy to pick up and no longer as sloppy as they were.