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Gone in a moment

Our dog loves the venison treats. Good quality, on time delivery and they are soon consumed.

Pup and I love Wolfworthy

We switched Pup onto Wolfworthy a couple of weeks after we brought her home. It felt good to know she was eating healthy kibble in her development. She is now 10 months and alternating between raw and Wolthworthy and loves both. We also use it as treats durning training.

Wolfworthy 80/20

Good, wholesome food that the dog loves

Bought a sample to try on a friend's dog who had recently arrived from Romania and extremely picky about her food. She immediately wolfed this down and my friend has been using it since. It's also made her poos easier to clean up after, which was a big bonus. Good value, good quality food

Order can quickly and is really good quality. My dog is super fussy and will only sometimes eat biscuits but when he does I notice a real shine in his coat!

High quality - take the time to get quantities just right

Our puppy clearly loves it. Of all the food he's had (gradually moving him off the food he came home with onto Lily's and now this), he scarfs this food down and happily accepts it as treats too. We have been finding it difficult to get the amounts just right (soft stools clearly have been a sign of overfeeding) but Wolfworthy provided very useful and informative blog posts on how to get it right. It's worth persevering to find your dog's happy place in terms of number-twos - because your dog will love this food! We had been combi feeding with wet and dry, because that's what the breeder had our puppy on, and we thought he would turn his nose up at a dry-food-only diet, but he absolutely loves it.

Please sir can I have some more?

Our working cocker spaniel puppy was actually barking at the side where we left the sample for more! Needless to say we have now ordered a full size bag to transition him onto! Thanks so much. 


This food is brilliant

Couldn’t be happier!

Prompt delivery, great quality food, friendly customer service


My spaniel loved it !!

Great product, our dog loves it!

Discovered Wolfworthy via the allaboutdogfood website. Was looking for a raw alternative for our pup who had started to reject his raw diet. He goes mad for this food! Thank you

Great food, great service & happy dog!

We switched to Wolfworthy from a mainstream pet store brand and have been really pleased. The kibble is dense and even smells great - our mixed breed dog loves it!
From personal experience I would recommend starting at the lower end of the feeding range (based on your dogs weight) if you’re looking to firm up their poos and then increase gradually if required.
Thanks Wolfworthy

Great Product & Great Service

I’ve been feeding my ShiTzu cross Wolfworthy with small amounts of cooked sweet potato or boiled carrots - he loves it & his poo’s are perfect ! He also really enjoys chewing on the Venison Strips as a treat - all so natural which has to be good - the fortnightly delivery is brilliant always in time with the easy option to change my order - I couldn’t wish for better customer service - a huge thank you to the Wolfworthy Team

Amazing food and outstanding aftersales service.

Great food and definitely worth its awards.
Thanks for all the advice.

Great food

I ordered this for our rescue dog to try, our older dog loved it too.
Will definitely be buying again x

Fantastic food & customer service

My fussy border terrier had previously had a rollercoaster with his food, lots would be wasted that he didn’t like & then we found out he can’t have lamb. However since changing to Wolfworthy after trying the samples, he has had no dietary issues, he races down for his food & there’s never any wasted. He is thriving & maintaining a healthy weight. Been on it over 2 years now

Super tasty

My dog really likes this. It has a super strong smell which is attractive as a training treat and super handy and convenient for me cos I am still feeding my pup a healthy balanced diet without the mess of raw

She loves it

Brodie has been raw fed for years, but due to some difficulties getting meat for her during lockdown we had to put her on kibble. I found Wolfworthy by accident. I’m glad I did. We’ll finish the bag of kibble off ( if I can get her to eat it) and then she can go on this food.


Over the moon with the food

dogs dinner

he loves it.


Penny the Saluki Whippet Cross absolutely loves the stuff. Especially when it's warmed slightly with water and a little cheese.
Glossy coat, firm stools and a local business supported.
Couldn't be more impressed and indeed shocked that I'd talk about stools in a review 🤣

Wolf worthy sample

My dog loved this food and it compliments our raw feeding

Such a Relief

We got our little puppy at just over 7 weeks (to beat lockdown) and her tummy just never settled. It turned into colitis and blood in watery poop and she would only eat chicken! No rice, no puppy biscuits and was getting so thin. The vet gave us something that didn’t make any difference at all. She took a couple of days to want to eat Wolfworthy but now she repeatedly asks for it! And gets soooo excited at meal times. She’s turned into the greedy lab she’s supposed to be! And most importantly we went from bloody, literally water poop to proper solid in a week and I’ve never been more relieved, OR PROUD! Thank you Wolfworthy!

Wolfworthy for Dottie

Love, love love this food, so does Dottie. I feed raw to my 4 Sphynx, so freezer space is tight. I was so happy to find out about this food as its the next best thing to raw, but more convenient. 😊

Went down a treat!

My Westies, who have been raw fed for years, absolutely LOVE Wolfworthy! It’s like I’m feeding them a bowl full of treats for dinner.