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Good quality

Good quality kibble, our puppy loved it. Potentially will switch to it at some point

My dog loves it!

Our 1 year old rescue is quite a fussy eater, but she will never refuse Wolfworthy. In fact she loves it! I also use them as training treats as the size is perfect.

All in one food

Great product

100% Cow Ears Treats

Our dog absolutely loves them! Great snack to give him if we need him to settle down or he is looking a bit bored, keeps him occupied for a good few hours!

Wolfworthy for puppies

Very good my puppy loved it

Our 6 month puppy loves this food and it's made her coat so shiny!

Our dogs love it

Ordered a sample of Wolfworthy and our dogs devoured it (as treats) We ordered a large bag and they both love it.Our rescue is used to ‘raw’ food and gets on with it very well,our senior loves it too( I think she would eat the whole bag)

Great dog food

Will be buying now

Great dog food!

My dog (Shih Tzu x Bichon) loves Wolfworthy (so much so that I can even use individual pellets as a treat for him) and seems to thrive on it!

Wolfworthy 80/20


My puppy absolutely loves this food
She was fussy and only ate for survival before
She’s growing lovely and has a lovely shiny coat

Dogs love it

Very pleased, dogs are on this good full time now.

Great product

Loving this for when I can’t use my actual raw food, especially when travelling

great food

This is the only "dry" food that my mut will eat!!!!! Albeit mixed with a wet food. Anyone would think he was a Michelin taster! i am gradually reducing the amount of wet food in the mix and going onto dry feeding so that we can go places without a freezer. This food is perfect in every way and will keep using and persevering with my dog! Well done.


Dog loves it so far

Great service

Loving it so far!

We have a very very fussy Saluki cross, who is liking the food so far. He is now transitioned fully, and everything has gone well. We are just using up the old food for our other dog, and he then will be going on to Wolfworthy too. A great food!

He loves it!

No need for high value treats - he will now do anything for his kibble! Definitely recommend anyone trying this it’s a super alternative to raw.

Wolfworthy. 80/20 dog food.

Excellent quality dog food. Professional service.

Excellent food

Our very fussy puppy loves this food , it smells good too . Highly recommended

Fast Good Quality

Fast delivery, good quality food.

Wolfworthy 60g Sample

Swapped to Wolfworthy as read good reports

New 8 week old puppy and swapped to Wolfworthy over a week. Puppy loved it immediately. I liked the idea of feeding raw but felt not practical for me hence choosing Wolfworthy. UK company, great delivery and full of goodness.

Dogs love it

I bought a small bag of Wolfworthy a couple of weeks ago. Have been slowly moving them onto it as they have sensitive tummies. So far so good and they all love it!

Great Product

My dog loves this food. We use it as treats as well as daily food. Poops are good.