At Last, a Food Even Fussy Dogs are Crazy About

At Last, a Food Even Fussy Dogs are Crazy About

At Last, a Food Even Fussy Dogs are Crazy About

The Problem

Feeding a fussy dog can be challenging. Fussy dog parents have usually tried lots of foods, only to find their dog either turn up their noses or eats it for a few days then stops. Sometimes, they can be highly selective and eat bits and leave others. For the parent of a fussy dog, this can cause lots of anxiety. Is my dog hungry? Are they getting enough nutrients? What if they just really don’t like it? Am I being mean? It can also be expensive with good food going in the bin.

The Solution 

When we got a dog of our own, like most dog parents we wanted to feed her the best possible diet. After researching the market we were astonished at the number of poor ingredients in much mass-produced food. This is what galvanised us to create a dog food that was jammed full of healthy ingredients. Wolfworthy is an 80/20 food based on the diet of the Grey Wolf, mainly meat with a selection of fruit and vegetables. The high proportion of meat is highly attractive to dogs, they cannot resist the smell and what we are finding is that even the fussiest of dogs are in! Wolfworthy is a super alternative to feeding RAW, we even include offal (liver, heart and kidneys) which dogs find irresistible.


Wolfworthy has been awarded 5/5 on the independent dog food review website allaboutdogfood.com and was awarded the Business of Distinction Award from edogadvisor.co.uk in 2017. From making food for our own dog, we now have fans throughout the UK. We are obsessed about feeding dogs well and our blog; Word of the Wolf is a rich source of advice on many issues concerning dog health.

 Because of the high meat content, your dog will enjoy that satisfied feeling after their meal. There is nothing better than having a dog that knows this and jumps up at the first hint of their dinner; after all, it’s one of the best parts of having a dog.



Happy Customers

Here are the experiences of a few of our fussy dog customers (actually they aren’t fussy now so scratch that!)


“Our cocker spaniel is such a fussy eater but on trying Wolfworthy he ate the whole lot and was looking for more.” (Jo, 2018)


“Gone in 60 seconds, tried these as a free sample. My boy is usually quite fussy about dried food but soon hovered up these. Will be purchasing a bag once he has finished his supply of his usual food.” (Merlin’s Mum, 2018)


“Outstanding!!! My dog who is quite fussy about dry dog food, wolfed this down as if it were prime steak!! I fully recommend it for fussy eaters!” (Louisa, 2018)


“If you look at the ingredients in Wolfworthy, they are head and shoulders above the more mainstream brands. My dog used to leave his food for hours before eating it, not anymore! He loves this! Very pleased we tried Wolfworthy, cannot recommend highly enough.” (S Grove, 2017)


My dog went through a stage of being very fussy with her food and used to not eat her regular food so we ordered from Wolfworthy and she loved it! I would definitely recommend! (Amber, 2017)


“This is probably the only food my fussy dog will eat without encouragement. I like the fact it is made of good quality ingredients.” (Anth, 2017)


“I can't rate Wolfworthy highly enough, both the food and the customer service was 5*. My dog loves Wolfworthy and she is a real fussy dog. She had a check-up at the vets and they confirmed that she is in great condition and at the perfect weight for her age.” (Laffy, 2017)


“A sample pack of Wolfworthy arrived today and our chocolate lab loves it, normally a fussy eater she licked the bowl clean in record time and asked or more!!! Wow, we are also really happy to support a UK business, especial a small one like yours.” (PC Dixon, 2017)


See for yourself

Our food is available in two sizes 7.5 kg and 1.5 kg and what is even better is that as well as selling individual bags we also offer an easy service where you can arrange a regular delivery without the faff of ordering online every time.

Subscribers to a regular delivery save 10% on every order. We also guarantee that you can amend, skip or cancel your subscription at any time – no fuss (pardon the pun!)