Help! I Feed Raw but am going on Holiday

Help! I Feed Raw but am going on Holiday

Help! I Feed Raw but am going on Holiday

I have a huge amount of respect for dog owners who raw feed their dogs. At the heart of raw feeders is that they want to do the very best for their dog, no matter what. During the summer at Wolfworthy, we regularly see a rise in the number of sales of our dry food to raw feeders. Continuing a raw diet when travelling takes planning and organization. So, I thought I would bring it all together here and share it with you.


Get a big cool box


Not too big so there are empty spaces but small enough so the food is packed in tight. Frozen meat acts as the ‘ice’ and you need to make sure you pack efficiently to ensure it lasts the duration without defrosting early. One with wheels is good too, as it will be heavy. When you put it in the car make sure it is under other bags or towels so no direct sunlight reaches it.


Choose your containers carefully


If you use a premade raw food you may want to repack it into plastic containers that fit your cool box. You could also use heavy-duty Ziploc plastic bags and layer them in your box to ensure they stay cold for longer. Pack in daily portions to keep it simple.


No space for a big cooler?


Buy a smaller one and plan stops in advance at locations where you will be able to collect commercial raw food on the way. Pet shops, grocery shops or supermarkets are the best bet. Don’t leave it to chance, check where they are and when they open.


Travelling even lighter?


Buy fresh from a supermarket or grocery shop. Chicken wings, whole poultry, turkey wings etc are widely available. When booking accommodation make sure you have a fridge and if you are self-catering or staying with friends consider a grocery/meat delivery to your destination. As a general rule, meat usually lasts for 3 days in a well-packed cooler.


Maintain your safe cleaning routine


Take sanitizing wipes and a spray. No one wants to be ill on holiday, dog and human alike!


Have a contingency


What if you get stuck in traffic and your meat is warming up? What if the grocery shop or supermarket has run out of what you need? What if the fridge at your destination is too small to store your supplies?


You need to have a plan before something goes wrong. We have found this is the main reason so many raw feeders come to us when travelling. Wolfworthy 80/20 is an award-winning dog food inspired by the raw diet.


7 reasons why Wolfworthy is an alternative to raw when travelling


Raw is great but it may not be for everyone or every situation. Taking our dry food with you works for many reasons:


  1. Lighter
  2. Won’t spoil
  3. Easy to store and serve
  4. It is a complete food - no need to add anything
  5. 80% meat, 20% fruit and vegetables
  6. No worries about bacteria or cross contamination
  7. Grain free, no added salt, sugar, artificial colours, preservatives or GM ingredients.


Awarded 5/5 by independent dog food reviewer allaboutdogfood.co.uk, Wolfworthy is a highly nutritious alternative to the raw diet.


Available in convenient 1.5kg bags for travel or if away for longer, 7.5kg. Click here to see how much you would need for your trip: