4 Things You Need to Know When Moving from Raw to Wolfworthy

4 Things You Need to Know When Moving from Raw to Wolfworthy

4 Things You Need to Know When Moving from Raw to Wolfworthy

The Raw diet can be great and a good way to ensure your dog isn't eating any unhealthy food... but it's not for everyone. Wolfworthy is a healthy alternative if the Raw routine is not working for you. Whether you are worried about cross-contamination, have young children in the house, need the convenience when travelling or are tired of wasting good raw food because it hasn't been eaten before it spoils, Wolfworthy may be the perfect solution for you.

If you are thinking about or are moving from Raw to Wolfworthy the following tips will help you with this transition:


1. Transition over 4-7 days

Any change to the bacteria in a dogs stomach can cause an upset tummy, including Raw fed dogs. All dogs are different and whilst some dogs can swap foods with little or no change to their poop others may be more sensitive. From our experience, we recommend transitioning over a week instead of a straight swap. This gives the dog's digestive system time to get used to the new food and the dog time to accept the different texture and taste.

Day 1 and 2 - Use a small amount of Wolfworthy as a treat. This gets them used to the taste/texture.

Day 3  and 4 - Swap out one raw meal for Wolfworthy and the next day swap the next. If you have a puppy who is on more than 2 meals a day this stage will take a few days longer, just swap out one meal per day.

Day 5-7 - Feed only Wolfworthy


2. You must weigh Wolfworthy accurately

Don't be tempted to just add a bit to your raw food, it is very easy to over or under feed this way. Find out how much Wolfworthy your dog will need every day by clicking here. You will then need to adjust the potions of both foods over the week (you will receive a guide with your food).

To ensure you do not overfeed, especially when transitioning, we recommend weighing Wolfworthy using a digital scale. Overfeeding can cause loose poops and it is very easy to give too much when doing it by eye. 


3. If you are travelling, transition before you go

Again, you may think this is obvious but it will be much easier for you and your dog if you do the transition in your own home. You probably want to do it a couple of weeks before you go. This means when it comes to the day of travel all you need to remember is the bag of food, the transition is done and you know your dog is still getting a fantastic diet while they are on holiday. Keep it simple.


4. The volume will look less

Raw muscle meat is around 75% water, whereas Wolfworthy is 8% water. It will not look the same in terms of volume as raw food, but do not be tempted to top it up to what 'looks right'. Use the feeding guidehere and weigh it out accurately. A little bit extra over time can result in weight gain (think of it like us having a couple of extra digestives every day - it all adds up over time). Overfeeding can also result in loose poops, which no one wants.

If you want all the benefits of feeding a healthy diet without the inconvenience of Raw food then Wolfworthy is a fantastic alternative.

If you have any other questions our Help page is packed full of information on our food


We are rated one of the Best British Dry Dog Foods by AllAboutDogFood.co.uk.

Our food contains 80% meat and 20% Fruit, Vegetables and Botanicals and was featured in DOGS TODAY as one of the UK's Six best dog foods. 


What our customers say

"I was trying to keep Beau on a raw meat diet and I just couldn’t get her to eat the veggies. I knew she wasn’t getting a balanced diet and I was worried. I looked at other dry food in pet stores and I tried her on a few but she didn’t like them at all. I met with my dog trainer and she recommended I go to your site and read all about your product. She said Beau will wolf it down and she did. She took to it straight away and I haven’t had to worry about her diet since then. 
Thank you for taking the pain out of feeding time, shopping time and for giving Beau a balanced meal and regular poos!" E. Stockman, Beau's Human.

"I used this while on holiday to feed my 2 dogs who are fed raw. Really good! Dogs loved it and did not upset their tummies (we introduced it over a couple of days). I have used it since as a reward treat at agility and when out walking." Charlie Sneling, Bertie's Human.