How to Feed Wolfworthy Successfully

Welcome to Wolfworthy, we make dry dog food that has the health benefits of Raw with the convenience of kibble.  Delivered Free straight to your door.

Introducing our comprehensive resource guide for Wolfworthy, your go-to reference for nourishing your dog with our convenient and nutritious dry food alternative. This guide provides valuable information and support for every stage of your feeding journey. With our feeding calculator, feeding your dog Wolfworthy has never been easier. This user-friendly tool calculates the appropriate portion sizes based on your dog's unique needs, ensuring they receive optimal nutrition with every meal. 

Transitioning to Wolfworthy

If you are new to Wolfworthy and are about to start transitioning from your old food start here.  How to Feed Wolfworthy 

Feeding Wolfworthy and Raw

You might have a dog that you are currently feeding a raw food diet and you have concerns about feeding Wolfworthy alongside Raw.  This article will help you.  Can You Feed Wolfworthy Alongside Raw?

Getting the Poo right

It may sound a little icky but the best way to tell if you have the feeding amounts correct is a good firm poo.  Loose, runny or smelly poos are all signs that you could be inadvertently over feeding.  This is easily solvable by getting the feeding amount right. These guides will help you get the feeding amount just right Want a Dog Poo You Can Pick Up?  Sometimes, your dog might need a little extra help to get their poos firm Little Known Ways to Firm Up Your Dog's Poop.

Dog Weight Concerns

If you are worried that you dog is too lean or too heavy, we can help you there too.  Wolfworthy is a highly nutritious food and can help with both of these conditions.  Here are some helpful articles Is My Dog Too Lean?, 3 Easy Ways To Test if Your Dog is Obese, Here's a simple way to ensure your dog is a healthy weightHow Can I help my Dog Lose Weight? 

If you have any other questions our Help page is packed full of information on our food