Is Your Dog’s Food Packaging Eco-friendly?  - and How it Easily can be

Is Your Dog’s Food Packaging Eco-friendly? - and How it Easily can be

Is Your Dog’s Food Packaging Eco-friendly? - and How it Easily can be

Last year, a total of 419,000 tonnes of dry dog food was made in the UK. Most of this food was packaged into nearly 60 million plastic bags*. Dog food bags are single-use plastic — you bin it when the bag is empty. With half of the single-use plastic ever made, being produced in the last 15 years it doesn’t take a genius to see the direction this is going. At Wolfworthy we provide a planet-friendly alternative — compostable paper bags.


In 2017 dog food bags contributed to the trillion plastic bags that were made worldwide. From these only 10% were recycled, the rest ended up in a landfill or the ocean. When we created Wolfworthy, adding more plastic to the 60 million bags already piling up in a landfill was not an option, we wanted something better.

Compostable Bag

Our bags are compostable; they are made from brown kraft paper and lined with a special vegetable starch. This means it breaks down easily in the environment so you can put them on your compost heap or in a compost bin. Composting is great as it actually returns nutrients back to the earth; this is much better for the environment than a plastic bag that takes around 1,000 years to decompose.

Water-Based Inks

The small things really matter to us. So, for example, when printing our compostable bags we use water-based inks instead of solvent-based which are far gentler on the environment.

Carbon Neutral Courier

We chose a courier to deliver our food that ensures every parcel they deliver is carbon neutral (well there is no point in creating an eco-friendly bag then polluting the planet in other ways!)

Recyclable delivery packaging

Our delivery boxes are made from simple cardboard, which can be reused or recycled (or played with by the dog). No plastic or solvents are involved in their production.

Our difference

We offer you the best dog food, made from the best ingredients, that's healthy for dogs and healthy for the planet. Simple.

Not only do dry food feeders love our eco-friendliness but we are also seeing a growing amount of raw feeders coming to us who were unhappy with the amount of plastic left at the end of the week (7 packets of raw meat a week = 28 plastic packets a month) and that is one dog!

The world is changing. Caring for our planet is becoming mainstream, solutions are available for problems that were once considered unsolvable. Together we can be part of the solution and not the problem.  

*Information from the Pet Food Manufacturers Association. Nearly all of the 419,000 tonnes of dry food produced was packaged into plastic bags in sizes varying from 2-12kg. For the sake of simplicity, we used an average bag size of 7kg.