Wolfworthy: The Dry Food Alternative to Feeding Raw

Wolfworthy: The Dry Food Alternative to Feeding Raw

Wolfworthy: The Dry Food Alternative to Feeding Raw

Make no mistake, the food you feed your dog is the most important factor in determining their long term health.  We believe dogs live long, healthy and active lives when they are fed the wholesome natural diet that they evolved to eat.  To some owners that means choosing a raw food diet.  Raw feeding can be an excellent way to feed your dog a highly nutritious diet but comes with some significant drawbacks, such as:


If you decide to make your own raw dog food, it can use up a lot of your time and it can be difficult to know if your dog is getting all the necessary nutrients in a balanced way.

Clean Up

Feeding and handling raw meat means you have to be fastidious about ensuring that all surfaces, bowls, utensils and equipment have been cleaned sufficiently so that you and other members of your family are not affected by any dangerous bacteria; this especially true if you have curious toddlers in the house.


Raw feeding requires extra storage, taking up a lot of room in your freezer (if you have not bought a separate one).  Extra planning is needed to allow for defrosting times and your dog only has a narrow window to eat the raw food before it "goes off".  This can lead to food wastage and extra costs.


Feeding raw food when you are travelling can be almost impossible.  Taking supplies of frozen food even for a couple of days never mind a week or two can be a logistical and health nightmare.  This is can be even trickier when trying to supply food for your dog in kennels.

Wolfworthy: The Solution

Based on the whole-prey diet of the Grey Wolf, Wolfworthy is made using the same natural ingredients you look for in a raw food diet, such as high meat content, offal, fruit, vegetables and herbs. Our recipe contains absolutely no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no artificial preservatives no GM ingredients, no added sugar and no added salt.

Wolfworthy has all the benefits of a raw food diet, such as better skin & coat condition, smaller firmer poos, healthier weight, few allergies & intolerances, reduction in joint inflammation and stable energy levels; but without having to worry about cold storage, long prep times, bacterial risk, clean up or hassle when travelling.

Wolfworthy is rated one of the best British dry dog foods by AllAboutDogFood.co.uk and featured in DogsToday magazine as one of the UK’s best dog foods.

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