How to Feed Your Dog Based on Their Energy Level

How to Feed Your Dog Based on Their Energy Level

How to Feed Your Dog Based on Their Energy Level

Trying to work out how much food to feed your dog?

At Wolfworthy, we know that every dog is different and will need different amounts of food depending on age, weight and activity level. We provide feeding ranges for each life stage to help you find the right feeding amount for your dog. 

You can check our feeding recommendations here.

We believe starting with our recommendation is absolutely the best thing to do. However, if your dog is super energetic or very chilled you may want to tweak it a bit...just to get it perfect!

Two things to consider:

  • Activity Level: Dogs with different activity levels may require varying amounts of food. Highly active dogs might thrive on the higher end of the feeding range, while less active ones may do well with smaller portions.
  • Metabolism: Each dog boasts a distinct metabolism, affecting how efficiently they use nutrients. Some dogs may require more food to maintain weight due to a faster metabolism.

Not sure if your dog is considered highly active or lower energy? Our chart below should help. Which side do they relate to more?

    We recommend starting on the lower end of the feeding range. If you decide to adjust it. Here's a simple guide to help you do this well:

    1. Start on the Lower End: Begin with the lower end of the recommended range to provide a starting point for your dog. Most dogs are happiest here.

    2. Monitor Your Dog: Keep an eye on your dog's weight, body condition, and energy levels to assess if the feeding amount is appropriate or needs adjusting.

    3. Adjust as Necessary: Depending on your dog's response, you may need to fine-tune the feeding amount. Increase or decrease portions accordingly to maintain a healthy weight. We recommend amending the feeding amount in 10% increments, leaving a few days between to monitor how the change affects your dog.

    Don't forget...

    Regular Assessment: It's crucial to regularly evaluate your dog's body condition and adjust the feeding amount as needed to ensure they stay healthy and energised. Read more about checking your dog's body condition here.

    At Wolfworthy, we prioritise your dog's well-being and are here to assist you in providing optimal nutrition. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or require further guidance on feeding your dog at support@wolfworthy.co.uk

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