Using Wolfworthy to Slowfeed

Using Wolfworthy to Slowfeed

Using Wolfworthy to Slowfeed

 Challenging your dog to get its food by chewing, searching or puzzle-solving has lots of benefits. It prevents boredom, exercises their jaws and rids the dog of stored energy.

After time spent chewing/problem solving most dogs will be tired and satisfied and happier to relax and snooze. Chewing is also believed to relieve stress, so if your dog is on the anxious side providing an outlet for this is beneficial.

Puppies, in particular, enjoy chewing and it is believed to provide relief for sore gums when teething. It also directs the chewing activity away from house hold objects and keeps teeth clean.

Your dog's meal times do not have to be 'basic bowl feeding' every time. Read below to learn how to use their daily allocation of Wolfworthy in more creative ways.


Rubber dental toys

These come in different shapes and sizes. This video shows how to pack a round one using Wolfworthy. The size of our food fits perfectly into these kinds of chew toys.

Basic chew ball video

Apple and carrot chew ball video



Kongs come in four sizes so pick the correct size for your dog. Fill it with a portion of your dog's Wolfworthy then create a 'plug' to stop the food spilling out. Healthy ideas for plugs are mashed carrot, squash, sweet potato, banana, parsnip. Other things like cream cheese and peanut butter do work but are higher in calories and fat and may take your dog over its daily allowance easily so should only be used sparingly, if at all. For a greater challeng pop your kong in a ziplock bag and freeze. This freezes the food together and will take much longer to release.

Kong packing video


Puzzle toys

Most dogs love a puzzle and will remain highly motivated to reach the food. They are an excellent way to channel your puppies attention away from things they shouldn't be doing. This tornado feeder was a fun challenge for Mylo the puppy and much more interesting than a bowl of food...

Puzzle feeder video


Snuffle mats

A snuffle mat challenges your dog's sense of smell. It is long established that the dog's sense of smell is highly developed; they are even being used to detact cancer in humans. Allowing your pet dog to exercise its talent harnesses their natural instinct. Hide individual peices of Wolfworthy between the cushion.

Snuffle mat video


Hand feed

Don't underestimate your dogs desire to please you. If your dog is a gobbler and finishes their bowl in seconds take a handful of their daily allocation and use it for training. Great for puppies but also important for re-affirming the bond with your adult dog. Feed individual pieces when the desired behaviour is displayed and be careful not to feed when pawing or barking. Sometimes unwanted behaviours are rewarded by mistake so pay attention to when you should give the food.


Slow feeder bowl

Widley available, from maze mats to bowls with spirals or humps . The overall aim is the same - to stop your dog eating too quickly. If your dog gobbles then vomits or is a breed prone to bloat this kind of bowl is a must. Getting the right one for your dog is important. The size of your dog's muzzle will need to be considered when selecting the design. 

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