How Do Popular Dog Foods Compare with Wolfworthy?

Your dog's food is the most important factor in your dog's life. Nutrients that keep the cellular processes going and keep them healthy can only be delivered through diet. It is this more than any other factor that will determine the quality and length of your dog's life.

Wolfworthy is made with plenty of freshly prepared meats and offal.  This is one of the reasons it has achieved the highest rating on

Look at the chart below to see how some popular dog foods compare with Wolfworthy. 



Wolfworthy is made with wholesome natural ingredients that dogs evolved to eat, 80% Meat, 20% Vegetables, Fruit & Herbs.  Our food contains No Grain, No Artificial Colours, No Artificial Preservatives, No Added salt, No GM Ingredients, No Added sugar and No Artificial Flavour.  Rated 5 out of 5 by



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Hywel Rees
Hywel Rees

January 29, 2017

My Dog Chewie a little Yorky love,s it, I recommend Wolfworthy to all Dog Owners,give your dog some enjoyment ,(, Good Food,Good Dog )

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