5-A-Day for Dogs: Wolfworthy Style

5-A-Day for Dogs: Wolfworthy Style

5-A-Day for Dogs: Wolfworthy Style

Dogs and wolves evolved from a common ancestor where meat was the most important part of their diet.  A diet that would have been based on a wide range of prey animals, including large hoofed mammals, rodents, birds and fish.  An over-reliance on single meat sources, e.g. chicken, in most dog foods may be contributing to food intolerance and allergies amongst dogs today.  Wolfworthy has developed a delicious food based on a diverse source of animal protein.  All these meat and offal sources have been passed fit for human consumption and include and plenty of freshly prepared meat.

Here are some of the excellent animal protein sources you will find in Wolfworthy:

1. Salmon - Good source of fish oils & protein
2. Beef Liver, Kidney & Heart - Nutrient rich source of B vitamins & Iron
3. Chicken - Delicious source of protein and selenium
4. Turkey - Low-fat source of protein & phosphorous
5. Trout - Excellent source of Omega 3 & protein

We hope you agree, a much better way for dogs to get their "5-a-day"