Why Protein Is So Important for Your Dog

Protein is by far the most important macro-nutrient in your dog's diet.  It is a crucial building block for every cell in your dog's body including, muscle tissue, skin, nails, hair, blood, sinews, eyes, heart, liver & kidneys.  Without sufficient quantities of good quality protein your dog's health would suffer leading to illness and potentially early death.

Your Dog's Food Needs

Dogs evolved to eat a whole prey diet just like the Grey Wolf, one which contains a large quantity of nutritious meat.  Dogs have adapted over millions of years to efficiently digest and use the essential nutrients that a high meat diet contains. 

The body and digestive system of your dog is almost identical to its carnivorous cousins and ancestors, such as, jackals, foxes and wolves.

Meat-based protein sources contain all essential amino acids your dog needs, unlike some plant-based proteins.  Without meat-based proteins your dog would become deficient in essential amino acids.

Cost Problem

The big problem is that quality meat is expensive and manufacturers are allowed to use cheap animal by-products such as wool, feathers, hair, horns and hoof cuts.  Cheap vegetable sources of protein like wheat, soya, rice and corn are also used to lower costs.  These low-quality meat sources and non-meat sources increase the chance of your dog developing intolerances and can cause digestive problems.  This may save the manufacturer money but is a very bad deal for your dog.


What Can You Do

Check the ingredients label for what goes into your dog's food.  The first and main ingredient should be clearly and unambiguously meat (avoid ingredient like 'meat and animal derivatives')., one of the UK's top dog food review sites,  expects high quality dog foods to contain at least 30% meat.


Why Wolfworthy Is So Good For Your Dog

The most important element of Wolfworthy is it's freshly prepared meat protein content.  80% of Wolfworthy is from high quality meat sources including Beef, Salmon, Trout & Chicken.  Wolfworthy contains no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no artificial preservatives, no GM ingredients, no added sugar and no added salt.

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