Are You Still Wasting Time in the Supermarket Shopping for Your Dog's Food?

Are You Still Wasting Time in the Supermarket Shopping for Your Dog's Food?

Are You Still Wasting Time in the Supermarket Shopping for Your Dog's Food?

How to Feed Your Dog the Best Food — and Put Your Feet Up at the Same Time.



We Hate Lugging Heavy Bags of Dog Food Too

There are lots of things I would rather be doing than queuing up at the till in the supermarket or pet shop for big bags of dog food. And why was it that whenever I went, the only car parking space available was miles away from the entrance and so tight I needed a door in the roof to get out. Argh! Pushing the wonky trolley and lugging the huge bag into the boot was the final straw!


Good Food, Delivered

That’s why, when we developed Wolfworthy we didn’t just want to make the best dry food possible, we wanted the whole experience of buying dog food to be effortless. Our subscription service takes away the pain of buying your dog’s food while not compromising at all on its quality.


Award-Winning Food

Our food has the goodness of a raw-food diet with the convenience of dry food. It has no grain, no artificial colours, no artificial preservatives, no added salt, no GM ingredients, no added sugar and no artificial flavours. It is based on the natural diet that dog’s evolved to eat (80% meat and 20% fruit & veg) for a longer, healthier and more active life. We’re not the only ones who believe in what we are doing, we were so happy to be rated the best British Dry Dog Food by the respected independent dog food review site, AllAboutDogFood.co.uk


Less Stress, More Time

Having our award-winning food delivered to your door is a win-win situation. Not only does it mean you avoid the queue and the car park but it gives you more time for relaxation. Spend it with your loved ones and dog, take a refreshing walk or have that longer lie in bed.


Subscribe & Save

Subscribing for Wolfworthy is easy. Our online guide helps you decide how much and how often you need it so that you don’t even have to remember to order your dog’s food, we will send it automatically. You also save on all future bags you receive.


Here’s what in it for you when you subscribe:

  • No more Lugging Heavy Bags of Dog food
  • Exceptional British Dry Dog Food
  • Spend More Time Doing the Things You Love
  • Healthier, Longer and more Active life for your dog
  • Save 10% on Repeat Deliveries
  • Free Delivery Straight to Your Door
  • Easy to Pause, Edit or Cancel at anytime