6 Most Dangerous Dog Food Additives

A Natural Wholesome, Grain-Free diet is the best way to feed your dog for a long, healthy & active life.  Unfortunately, there are many dog food companies that include unnecessary and dangerous additives to dog food.  Here is a list of the 6 most dangerous additives.

1. Artificial Colourings

It has long been known that adding artificial colouring to food can have a serious negative effect on children's behaviour.  The symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) have been linked to the addition of artificial colourings to children's food.  Sadly, the same effect can be observed in dogs including hyperactivity and a reduction in attention span.  Listed as 'E' numbers these colourings are often made from petroleum by-products and can take years to breakdown in the environment.  Dogs are colourblind so all this effort of adding artificial colours is for the owner's benefit only.

2. Artificial Preservatives

Preservatives are added to dog food to increase it's shelf life and hence the profitability of the company producing it.  Artificial preservatives are a particularly nasty set of additives that can cause a number of health problems.  The main artificial preservatives you might see are E320 (BHA), E324 (Ethoxyquin), E321 (BHT), E202 (Potassium Sorbate) and  E310 (Propyl Gallate).  These additives are suspected of causing conditions such as cancer, skin allergies, behavioural issues, respiratory problems and eye irritation.

3. Artificial Flavourings

Artificial flavourings are added to low quality dog food to try and make it taste better (otherwise dogs wouldn't eat it).  Flavour enhancers like Phosphoric Acid are thought to reduce bone density in humans and is therefore best avoided in dogs.

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4. Grains

Grains are added to dog food because it is a cheap and easy way of bulking out the food.  The problem is that grains are linked to digestive problems and skin allergies.  Some dogs can tolerate grain but they are unlikely to thrive on it.  Grains are the cornerstone of junk food, that's why you will also find it in pizza, burger buns and corn snacks.

5. Salt

Salt in the form of sodium chloride is normally added to enhance the flavour of grain based dog foods.  Dog's do need a small amount of salt, which can be found in quality meat ingredients, but it can be added in excessive amounts which can lead to heart problems and high blood pressure.

6. Sugars

Just like us, dogs enjoy the taste of sugar, and just like us excessive amounts of sugar in their diet is linked to tooth decay, obesity, hypoglycemia, hyperactivity and many other conditions.  Again this is added to mask the flavour of bland poorly made dog food.


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