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5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Dog’s Health and Save You Money

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Dog’s Health and Save You Money

1. Clean their Teeth

Dental problems are a very common reason why dogs visit the Vets. Dog toothpaste and toothbrushes are cheap compared to the cost of tooth extraction. For a few pounds now, you could be saving yourself hundreds of pounds down the line. This really is a case of prevention being better than cure. Once your dog has contracted severe dental disease you have no option but to deal with it – why wait for that to happen, invest a few pounds now and save a lot more later.


2. Get Stuck into the Grooming

Professional grooming can be expensive. Reduce the amount of professional grooming required by learning how to do it yourself. Brushes and shampoos can be bought in most good pet stores for a few pounds and the outlay will probably be less than the cost of one professional groom.


If you don’t want to take on the whole job yourself – clipping nails, for example, can be tricky, ask the groomer to do these and you do the brushing. Your dog will love it and it can bring you and your dog closer too. By grooming your own dog you also keep an eye on the health of their skin, which leads me onto the next point.


3. Buy Quality Dog Food

Don’t get me wrong, there is no gold plated diet that will protect your pet from ever being ill but there are certain diets which feed your dog’s immune system, strengthen its defences and ultimately prevent those trips to the Vets you know could have been avoided.


By being fussy about what you feed your dog, you could save money in the long term. Find out what is in your dog's food, don’t just sleepwalk into illness. Read the label and reviews, be picky about artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives – by avoiding this stuff you are stopping your dog’s contact with edible carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). It can be tempting to opt for the cheap option now, but you will end up paying for it somewhere along the line.


Grain free food can also prevent skin problems and associated Vet trips, opt for a high meat content, your dog will be more satisfied so you will need to feed less as well.


4. Monitor their Weight

Being the right weight really gives your dog the best chance to lead a long and healthy life. Even allowing your dog to become moderately overweight can reduce its life expectancy. It can also lead to a number of other ailments – excess fat can cause bone and joint issues, problems with their digestive organs and breathing difficulties. Overweight dogs lack the ability to exercise – this is not how nature would have it. Dogs usually become overweight because we are overfeeding and treating – this costs money too. It might be tough to say no to those cute eyes but you will be doing your dog and yourself a favour it the long run.


Click here to find out how to check your dog’s weight


5. Keep on top of Worm and Flea Treatments

To be honest, treating a severely ill dog is going to cost you a lot more than just paying the few pounds needed to ensure your dog is worm and flea free. It is also better for the humans in the house too because contrary to popular belief people can pick up worms from their infected dog. Keep a record of when your dog is due and stick to it.