3 Health Reasons Why You Shouldn't Feed Your Dog Grain

3 Health Reasons Why You Shouldn't Feed Your Dog Grain

3 Health Reasons Why You Shouldn't Feed Your Dog Grain

Wolfworthy dog food doesn't contain grain.  That means no wheat, barley, cereal, rice or corn.  Why don't we include it when so many other dog foods do?  Here are 3 health reasons why you shouldn't feed your dog grain.

1. Grain Can Cause Skin Allergies

It is truly awful to see a dog suffer from skin allergies.  It has been known for some time that grains are associated with canine allergies; and even though some dogs can tolerate grains why take the risk of them developing an allergy in the future.

2. Dogs Are Naturally Carnivores

Dogs and wolves separated from a common ancestor approximately 35,000 years ago. Many of their physical features, from their carnassial teeth to their digestive systems are ideally suited to consume and extract nutrients from the meat and bones of prey animals.  Grains are not a natural source of protein for Dogs and are more difficult for them to digest.

3. We Want the Best For Our Dogs

Why feed your dog a diet stuffed full of cheap grains high in carbohydrates?  A diet high in carbohydrates can cause spikes in blood sugar which in turn can increase the chances of diabetes.  Grains are very high in energy and lower in protein and other nutrients greatly contributing to the problem of obese dogs. We have a word for this type of food in the human world... we call it junk food.

The food you put into your dog really does matter.  In fact, it is the most important factor in determining the health and well being of your dog.