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Based on the whole-prey diet of the Grey Wolf, Wolfworthy has many of the health benefits of a raw food diet, such as better skin & coat condition, smaller firmer poos, healthier weight, few allergies & intolerances, reduction in joint inflammation and stable energy levels; but without the hassle of cold storage, remembering to defrost, long prep times, clean up or worry when travelling. Now you can feel satisfied you are feeding your dog a diet that they will thrive on with the added convenience of kibble. Wolfworthy, because feeding your dog a great diet without any added rubbish doesn't have to be a hassle.

Wolfworthy costs only 90p per day for a 14kg dog when you subscribe including FREE UK mainland delivery straight to your door.  Click Here to see how much it would cost to feed your dog.

TIP: Our 60g sample is great as a taste test to ensure your dog loves Wolfworthy but for a longer trial, our 1.5kg bag is much better value.  Click Here to order a 1.5kg bag instead.

Suitable for Puppies, Adults and Seniors

Rated One of the Best British Dry Dog Foods by AllAboutDogFood.co.uk


Customer Reviews

Based on 1502 reviews
Heather Caddick
Its a 10 from me!

So far so good! My extremely fussy springer loves these and is looking great.
Fast delivery too!

Alex Mann
Excellent quality food

We spent almost a year on specialist (read expensive) gastrointestinal foods for our Labrador. He tried probably 20+ food types but all would cause an upset stomach etc. this is the first food we have had which doesn’t upset him.very happy to have found something he likes and most importantly his gut likes.

Faddy Dog

Truffles is the faddiest dog ever. I have tried all sorts; raw food, dried food, tins. She turns her nose up at everything. A friend recommended Wolfworthy so I bought a small bag to try it. The first meal she guzzled with gusto. I didn’t get my hopes up as she usually enjoys the first few tries of something new but she has been eating it for nearly 3 weeks now and has never left a single piece. It’s easy to give her exactly what she needs and she now comes to tell me when it’s tea time. Thank you.

jenniffer Miles
Wolf worth

My 10 year old jack Russel is doing fantastic on this and also my 1year old daschund both now eat the same food

Happy dog.

I’m so pleased with my dogs new food. He loves it and it’s an ideal size to use for reward based training. Taken out of his daily allowance of course. He seems much happier and his poop is much better. So I’m thrilled that I don’t have sloppy poop to deal with. Sorry, not the most pleasant topic, but an important one.

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