100% Rabbit Treats - All Natural Dog Treats

Bring the thrill of the chase to your dog's snack time with our 100% Rabbit Treats. Made entirely from rabbit, these grain-free, all-natural dog treats are high in lean protein, promoting lean muscle development. Rabbit is a novel protein source, excellent for dogs with food sensitivities, and is naturally packed with beneficial nutrients like Vitamin B12 and Selenium. Free from artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, and preserved using air drying, they're as close as your dog can get to a wild-caught snack. Perfect for training, rewarding, or just enjoying some quality time with your dog, our Rabbit Treats are a must-have. Size 12-15 mm.

Customer Reviews

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Sue B
Great treats

My dogs love these treats, so easy to use and good to have in treat pouch when out and about.

Jacqueline O'Regan
Very Yummy

My fussy little mutt just cannot get enough of the treats. He adores the full range from venison to rabbit. They are definitely catnip for dogs! Also VERY popular with his doggy pals on the beach.


Great my dog is actually eating well for the first time ever 🤩

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