Feeding & Subscription Guide

Say goodbye to running out of dog food or lugging heavy bags from the supermarket to your door.  With Wolfworthy Subscribe & Save Service we will keep track of when you need a new bag and have it delivered to or left at a safe place of your choice. We will text or email you to let you know when we are preparing your next delivery.  You have complete control to pause, delay or cancel your Subscribe & Save Service.  Now you can feed your dog the finest food without the hassle.  YOU SIT. WE FETCH.

How to Subscribe & Save

Here's a 3 Step guide to subscribing for Wolfworthy.  We have highlighted an example on the chart for a dog weighing 14kg.  They would require a 7.5kg bag every 6 weeks, costing 98p per day.

Step 1. Lookup your dog's weight in the chart below. 

Step 2. Follow along the row of your dog's weight to find the correct size bag and what the delivery frequency should be.  

Step 3. Enter these two pieces of information on the order page by choosing the bag size you would like. 

Wolfworthy Subscribe and Save

Always leave a bowl of fresh water nearby

Changing over to Wolfworthy

It is really important that any changes to your dog's diet are introduced gradually to ensure that they don't suffer from upset tummies.  This is especially important when you first start to feed a high protein diet like Wolfworthy.  Your dog may not be used to having such a nutrient-rich diet.  We recommend the following change cut-over schedule:
Day 1: 75% current food, 25% Wolfworthy
Day 2: 75% current food, 25% Wolfworthy
Day 3: 50% current food, 50% Wolfworthy
Day 4: 50% current food, 50% Wolfworthy
Day 5: 25% current food, 75% Wolfworthy
Day 6: 25% current food, 75% Wolfworthy
Day 7: 100% Wolfworthy
If you have any questions please email us at or call us on 01625 359 359, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.